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2.(地球上划分出的)洋 英语解释
    a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume 例句
      Most intriguing is underwater walking, in which, wearing an oxygen helmet, you meander along the ocean bed among coral and shoals of striped fish 最引人入胜的是海底漫步,你可以戴着潜水用的氧气头盔漫步在洋底,徜徉在珊瑚和成群的条纹鱼中间。 essentially, the United States was a great sea power, he said, linking the two world oceans 他说,美国实质上是一个连接两个世界大洋的海上强国。 Any of various large,scaleless marine eels of the family Congridae,especially Conger oceanicus,native to Atlantic waters. 康吉鳗任一种大的康吉鳗科的海生无鳞鳗鱼,尤指原产于大西洋海域的康吉鳗海鱼 he drinks in the bitterness,the cowardly ocean attacks him furiously, to drown him,the enormity plays with his agony 他喝着苦汁,无情的海水前仆后继,定要把他淹没,浩瀚的泽国拿他的垂死挣扎来取乐。 Surface waters comprise stream waters (e.g. rivers), oceans, lakes, and impoundment waters. 地表水包括流动水(例如河流)、海洋、湖泊和水库存水。 Kevin Costner is crossing the world alone, across wide, empty oceans, thousands of miles from places he knows and recognizes. 凯文·科斯特纳独自一人在穿越世界,横渡那浩瀚而空旷的远离他所认识的地域有几千英里之遥的海洋。 "Sunny ocean half-way, Holy cock-crow in space," 半壁见海日,空中闻天鸡。 I think I knew, at that moment, I would never love, or laugh again, or enjoy a cool breeze or sunset at the ocean villa. 在那刻起我就知道我再也不能够去爱了,我再也不会去笑,去享受清风或是海边别墅旁的落日了! In the ocean, the velocity of sound varies with the temperature, salinity, and depth of the water. 在海洋中,音速随着水的温度、盐分和深度而变化。 "andalusia: a region of southern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the atlantic Ocean." 安达卢西亚:西班牙南部一地区,位于地中海、直布罗陀海峡和大西洋交界处。