【ashe】as long as是什么意思及音标

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    Deceased long ago 早经逝世 Our pay- off period can be as long as15 year, not including3 year grace period. 我们的偿付期可达15年之久,不包括3年的宽限期。 As long ago as1809, the swedish parliament introduced a scheme to safeguard the interest of the individual. 早在1809年,瑞典议会就采用了保护个人利益的体制。 Psychologists have long assumed that our misperception of slope was biased by fatigue or even fear of falling. 心理学家很早以前认为我们的坡度错觉是由于疲劳甚至害怕坠崖而带有倾向性。 Leave the sideburns long, please. 请将两鬓留长。 You may stay as long as you please. 你愿意呆多久就呆多久。 The long red carpet was laid out for this glamorous occasion 为了这个 They were pleased to meet after such a long separation. 久别重逢,他们非常高兴。 A disease of the lungs,such as asbestosis or silicosis,caused by long - continued inhalation of dusts,especially mineral or metallic dusts. 肺法埃沉着病;尘肺一种肺部疾病,如石棉沉着症或石末沉着症,由于长时间不断地吸入灰尘,尤其是矿物质或金属尘粒而导致的 Feeling uneasy, Hung-chien said with feigned nonchalance, "Let them talk.As long as you don"t care, I"m not bothered by it." 鸿渐不安,假装坦然道:“随他们去说,只要你不在乎,我是不怕的。”