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    a region in which active military operations are in progress a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented the art of writing and producing plays 例句
      "antoine. Stanislavsky, the Group Theater (in the USa), all stressed these abilities." 安图昂,斯坦尼斯拉夫斯基及美国的群体戏院无不注重以上这些能力。 The night Laurie took the two older girls to the theater, Amy, though not invited, insisted on going too. 有一天晚上,劳里带着两个大姑娘去看戏,虽然没有请艾米,她却坚持要去。 "also famous was the Teatro Farnese at Parma, Italy. It sometimes is called the ""first modem theater."" " 同样出名的还有建于意大利帕尔玛的法纳斯剧院。该剧院有时被称为,第一个现代剧院"。 "a separated compartment in a public place of entertainment, such as a theater or stadium, for the accommodation of a small group." 公共娱乐场所容纳一小组人的分隔间,譬如在戏院或体育场里的包间。 "More notable, however, were the theaters built at the academies of lemming. In 1584 the Teatro Olimpico was comp!eted." 不过,更为引人注目的是建于学术机构之内的戏院。1584年,奥林匹克戏院建成 But, as in theater, so also in organizational life, the magic fusion between anticipation and execution often fizzles 但是,如在剧场中,也和组织生活中一样,预期效果和实际情况之间的魔术般的结合经常失败。 "Comp:Something, such as a theater ticket or a book, given free of charge." 招待券,赠送券:免费的东西如戏票、书籍. --ROY: Good-bye.--(Roy goes to the theater, Myra sees him from the stage.)--MYRA: Kitty, he’s here.--KITTY: Who? Oh the man in the underground? --罗伊:再见。--(罗伊去观看演出,玛拉从台上看到了他。)--玛拉:凯蒂,他来了。--凯蒂:谁?防空洞里的那个人? And he premiered the movie in a theater five blocks from his ex-wife"s Santa Monica, California, home 他在加利福尼亚州圣莫尼卡市距前妻的住宅仅5个街区的一个电影院里首映了这部电影。 With Baghdad racked by bomb attacks, a wave of kidnappings and widespread crime, few Iraqis bother going to the theater. 巴格达饱受炸弹侵袭之苦,绑架事件频频发生,犯罪活动猖獗,在这种情况下,伊拉克人根本没有心思去剧场看演出。