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2.果断的,决然的,坚定的 词形变化
    时态 determined,determining,determines 英语解释
      devoting full strength and concentrated attention to characterized by great determination determined or decided upon as by an authority strongly motivated to succeed having been learned or found or determined especially by investigation 相似短语
      • determined to 有做...的决心
      • be determined to 决心,决定
      • determined on 专心致力于
      • be determined to do 决心(做)...
      • determined move 果断的一着
      • be determined about 决定,决心
      • determined cumulative runoff 测定累积泾流
      • determined periodic income 定期固定收入
      • product determined industry 【经】 产品定型的工业
      • determined osteogenic precursor cell 已确定的成骨的前体细胞