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动词 使……裸露;使……暴露
adj. 【口】赤裸(=naked) 例句
    Naked aggression 明目张胆的入侵 It was the naked Lamin’s first walk anywhere with his father, and he was overjoyed 这是光屁股的腊敏第一次跟他父亲外出,因而欣喜万分。 It"s a snake bite. 蛇咬的伤口。 spouse and helpmate of Adam Kadmon: Heva, naked Eve 始祖亚当的配偶兼伴侣,赫娃,赤身露体的夏娃。 Seeing a snake in the grass, the cat drew back. 那只猫在草地里见到一条蛇,它缩了回去。 with naked fist;Unarmed 赤手空拳 "Snakes don"t peel off their skin when they feel like it. " I explained. "It happens as a natural consequence of their growth. " 我解释说:“蛇喜欢它的皮的时侯,就不会蜕皮。随着它们的生长,蜕皮是自然的过程。” The vines grew together, concealing the naked stone 蔓藤长在一起,把光秃秃的石头遮盖了起来。 In a state of undress,ie naked 赤身露体 Highly flammable , no smoking or naked lights 极易燃,严禁烟火